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Scientific Advances

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Blue Origin makes solar cells out of simulated moon dirt with "Alchemist" project

The "Blue Alchemist" technology could be a big boost for plans to build and operate outposts on the Moon.

Chemists use bacteria to convert CO2 in the air into bioplastic

Chemists found ways to use bacteria to convert CO2 into bioplastic

A new simple hybrid setup allows bacteria to capture CO2 and produce biodegradable plastic for days, boosting output by 100x over previous efforts

Green Coding

Green coding - more efficient use of software

After zero-emission vehicles, efficient appliances, green packaging from biodegradable plastic, and lab-grown meat, scientists are now turning their focus to sustainable software and green coding

Space technologies

Space Technology role in the sustainability agenda

What is the role of Space Technology in the sustainability agenda? Small satellites help contributing to sustainability goals' 2030 agenda. Six technologies are identified

Space-Based Solar Power

Space-Based Solar Power - Technology & Market

The intersection of aerospace & energy is creating a revolution for our energy system

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Strategic Charger Placement Could Reduce Power Plant Need

Strategic placement of EV charging stations and moving to delayed EV charging are key to co-benefits

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