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"The Future of Energy" by John Armstrong, 2021

The book helps building an understanding of the energy sector and its major challenges, which are critical in the current race towards Net-Zero

"The Future of Energy" by John Armstrong, 2021

One of my best purchases during the infamous Covid-19 lock-down was "The Future of Energy" by John Armstrong.

This is a very good and concise one-evening-read, a snapshot of the situation within the Energy sector, including its complexities, its major challenges and an overview of a potential black swan, ammonia as the potential energy of the future.

The most intriguing part is naturally "The future" part where the author speculates on scenarios, also covering the importance of electrification and the path towards digitalisation in the sector, for instance implementation of (e.g., evolution of the) Smart Solutions, the most glamorous manifestation of IoT.

The book covers the UK, but is a good proxy to understand other geographies.

My Recommendation: An interesting book for building a quick vision of the energy sector and understand its major challenges. This is important for all audiences, even beyond the energy sector, as energy is now a big part of the sustainability pillar.

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