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"Winning Sustainability Strategies" by Benoit Leleux, 2018

The book helps understanding the WHY and HOW of implementing the corporate sustainability programmes. It identifies the steps to take and shows very good examples of the best practices

"Winning Sustainability Strategies"  by Benoit Leleux, 2018

One of the best books on building the understanding on sustainable operation is "Winning Sustainability Strategies: Finding Purpose, Driving Innovation and Executing Change" by Benoit Leleux & Jan van der Kaaij, published in 2018.

The book gives a very good explanation of the concepts that are instrumental to running a sustainable business. It covers the role of purpose, UN SDG (United Nations Sustainable development goals), ESG ratings and the stock markets, investors' perspective and how to encourage a culture of sustainability.

My Recommendation: Although some elements would need updating as the field of sustainability is evolving quickly, the book still gives an exceptionally good understanding of the steps that need to be taken by the business. I recommend reading it as an integral piece of the puzzle to building the picture of the work that needs to be done for sustainable transformation.

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