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AdvanGrid, an IoT-based electricity monitoring software

Subscription-based energy management platform that uses wireless sensors and an AI-backed data analytics to provide actual baseline, efficiency potential and performance monitoring for the costs cutting and carbon emissions abatement programmes.

AdvanGrid, an IoT-based electricity monitoring software

AdvanGrid is a subscription-based energy management platform that uses wireless sensors and an AI-backed data analytics.

The platform provides (the actual) real-time data on electricity consumption baseline, efficiency potential, and performance monitoring that can be used for cost and carbon emissions reduction programmes.
What are AdvanGrid’s software functionalities?

1. Actual electricity consumption breakdown: wireless sensors provide information on electricity consumption volume and breakdown by the source, thus deriving information on associated costs and volume of indirect carbon emissions (most likely Scope 2).

2. Efficiency programmes, cost-cutting, and carbon emissions abatement: AI-backed data analytics identify inefficiencies and provide with suggestions on energy efficiency measures through infrastructure and consumption analysis and optimisation. This means defining the actual potential for cutting costs and associated carbon emissions.

3. Monitoring the performance of efficiency initiatives: the platform allows tracking and reporting actual performance of efficiency programmes, thus cost-cutting programme and decarbonisation target tracking based on actual real-life actual measurements.

In 2022, PwC Net-Zero-Future-50 report named the platform amongst the leading Start-Ups of Central Europe contributing to achieving the Net-Zero 2050 ambitions.

My Recommendation: It is worth investigating the (a) business case behind optimising your assets to kill inefficiencies, thus reducing electricity budget and carbon emissions. My recommendation is to review AdvanGrid software in combination with FuseBox flexibility platform for automated assets optimisation to increase performance and financial benefit.

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