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The Business Hub -
Start-Ups and solutions to aid in sustainability transformation

Advangrid AI-driven platform

AdvanGrid, an IoT-based electricity monitoring software

Subscription-based energy management platform that uses wireless sensors and an AI-backed data analytics to provide actual baseline, efficiency potential and performance monitoring for the costs cutting and carbon emissions abatement programmes.

Breakthrough Energy

Breakthrough Energy - accelerating innovation for a carbon-free economy

Breakthrough Energy’s initiatives fund, develop, commercialise, and scale technologies needed to build a net-zero economy through investment vehicles, philanthropic programmes, policy and advocacy efforts

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CO2 AI: Sustainability-as-a-Service software

CO2 AI: is a BCG spin-off Sustainability-as-a-Service software that helps measuring, tracking and reducing the environmental footprint at scale, for the businesses and their supply chains.


FuseBox: platform using flexibility to optimise electricity usage

Fusebox integrates consumers and energy systems in a flexibility trading platform optimising the output, thus reducing associated CO2 and getting reimbursed by the transmission system operator


Microgrid-as-a-Service (MaaS) to accelerate your energy decarbonisation and kill inefficiencies

Microgrids boost electric reliability, lower costs, increase efficiency and accelerate decarbonisation in energy supply. MaaS is a shared ownership concept where the supplier assumes operation and financial risks, while businesses reap the benefits

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